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Wednesday, April 13, 2011




Lynne called yesterday to see if I wanted to go to the beach with her and I certainly couldn't refuse an offer like that.  We packed our lunch and drove to one over on the main land because it has a concession stand.  We'd agreed a nice Long Island Iced Tea or two would add a lot to the afternoon.

Had a great time.  The water's already warm, the sun felt great, and I really like Lynne.  We had a long conversation about the over abundance of gorgeous men on the island.  Between the tanned fishermen who are mostly blonde and muscular and the long-haired artists, well let's just say a girl could easily make a fool of herself around here!  

Lynne said she's having a party soon.  She invited me and she promises to have some of the local hunks there.  Yum!  

Read this just the other day:  "Relationships either give energy or take it away.....Relationships that work multiply energy"--Roderick MacIver in "Heron Dance"

Love the quote and that's the only kind of relationships I'm looking for here, ones that give energy.  I'm pretty sure that's the kind of girlfriend Lynne will turn out to be and it's the only kind of man I'll even nod my head at.  Live and learn.  I'm old enough to know what I want now--happiness and NO drama.  

Fun In The Sun

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