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Saturday, April 9, 2011




WOW!  I'm speechless again today, a rare occurrence for me.  :-)  Words can't describe the beauty of the park here on Bokeelia Island that I discovered yesterday afternoon.  I know it will be a favorite place for me here, one that I'll often escape to.  Luckily, I decided to bring my camera along at the last minute.

To add to a great afternoon I think I also may have made a friend.  Lynne says she's in the park almost every day and invited me over to see the many photos she's taken there.  She lives nearby on the street next to mine, too.  

And.....I even think I may have landed a fun job.  Its just the kind I was looking for, too.  I'll know for sure tomorrow.

What A Day!

I think I'll see what words and phrases I can use to describe Palm Park...

Dappled sunlight                                 Beauty
Shaded                                                 Pleasure
Cool                                                     Lush
Spanish moss dripping                        Soft Breeze
Whooshing sound of swaying palms   
Peeks of blue sky                                 Dense
Birdsong                                              Calming
Critters scurrying                                 Sanctuary
Green, green, and more green               Haven
Respite from sun                                  Shelter

A Palm Park Path

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