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Monday, April 18, 2011




Wow!  Maureen called early in the morning to say there was a great flea market going on a few towns away on the mainland.  I fell in love with this chair!  Definite inspiration.  So, I bought it, squeezed it into her truck and am going to do my living room around it.  What color walls, though?

Even more exciting is that Dad is coming to visit tomorrow.  If I were to guess who would be my first guest from home, it certainly would not have been Dad.  Who, by the way, Mother (Penelope--oh, whatever) wants me to start calling "Charles".  And, they're not even married anymore!  Thank goodness he says "Dad" is just fine with him.  

It's a shame he can't stay overnight, but he's only in Florida for a brief time on business.  He's driving all the way over from Miami just to see me as it is.  It'll be great to see him!  I hope he doesn't mind my lack of furniture.  I bet I'll never be able to get him off the deck once he sees it, anyway.

It's official.  Luther wormed his way into my heart, my home and into my bed.  In fact, he sleeps on MY pillow!  Mr. Tibbles says there are strays all over the Island because the winter people just up and go, leaving behind small pets they bought for their children while they were here to fend for themselves.  He figured Luther was one of them.  It's evidently a serious problem in many vacation areas.

Will I ever write in this journal again without him on my lap?  I doubt it!!  


Which Color Wall Looks Best?

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